Field Name Field Value
Photo Identifier 00000039
Title Mulford Residence, ca 1890
Description A view of the Mulford farm house. The view of the Mulford farm house also shows surrounding fields, four people sitting in a horse-drawn carriage, and a man and woman standing in front of the house.
Year 1890
GPS Latitude 37.705143531552395
GPS Longitude -122.17666615200955
Contributor Galvan, Andy
Old-style map grid reference C637
Period date ca. 1890
Subject | Dwellings -- Califiornia -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | Farms -- California -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | Shore Acres Dairy & Farm (Mulford Farm) | MenWomen CarriageHorsesWater pump and troughHayBarn |
Location is approximate. For further explanation, see this page from a Google Slides presentation.