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Photo Identifier 00000059
Title Geisenhofer's Bakery and Coffee Salon, ca 1876-1886
Description Michael Geisenhofer and his wife Ida ran this bakery from about 1876 until he was elected town marshal, about 1894. They featured German baked goods and coffee. Mr. Geisenhofer was marshal until 1912 (when Joseph F. Peralta succeeded him.) He passed away on Aug. 27, 1926. Geisenhofer was born in Germany about 1853. He left nine children: Otto, Herman, Rudolf, Albert, George, Henry, Mrs. Mildred Seypohlt, Mrs. Ida Hockins, and Mrs. Louise Stiles.
Year 1910
GPS Latitude 37.7262810345543
GPS Longitude -122.15897276739602
Contributor Galvan
Old-style map grid reference D724
Period date
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