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Photo Identifier 00000348
Title Washington Market, West Joaquin and East 14th Street
Description This view may have been made between 1891 and 1898. Gorman's Saloon was next door to the market; note the meat hanging outside the market. The next shop was that of a watchmaker and jeweler. Third from the left, standing in the street, may be Socrates Huff; the fifth is John (No-Hat) Driver. The boys on the roof seem to be having their pictures made and a good time at the same time.
Year 1900
GPS Latitude 37.7243721564366
GPS Longitude -122.1556441748181
Old-style map grid reference D925
Period date
Subject | Washington Market | Street, West Joaquin | Street, East 14th | Portraits, Group | Huff, Socrates | Gorman's Saloon | Restaurants and Bars | Stores and Shops | Watchmaker | Jeweler | Driver, John |
Location is approximate. For further explanation, see this page from a Google Slides presentation.