Help for simple search

There are two different ways to search the list of photo records.

Search Title, Description and Subject

The most useful way is to enter a search term into the “Search Title, Description and Subject” box and click the "Search" button. This will find all photo records where either the title, description or subject contains the search term that you entered.

This is a very simple search. It uses the whole search term exactly as it is typed in. For example, record 00000100 can be found with “Juana Martinez”, but not with “Martinez Juana”.

You can optionally specify a year (e.g., 1890) or a year range (e.g., 1809-1900). This will limit the records to ones that have a "Year" date within that range.

Photo Identifier

The second way to find a photo record is by specifying a Photo Identifier. You can use this if you have found a photograph in the physical collection (or the on-line library catalog) and want to look up information about it.

These two different ways are mutually exclusive. You cannot combine the Photo Identifier search with the Title/Description/Subject search.

To remove all search conditions, click the "Reset" button.