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00000604 Horse Drawn Trolley Car on Castro Street, 1900 CA Horse Drawn Trolley Car on Castro Street, 1900 CA. | horse | castro street | trolley | 1900
00000343 C. C. Young, Governor of California, addressing a dinner at the American Legion Hall, SW corner of Washington and Ward, in 1926 To the governor's left is N.W. Armstrong, master of ceremonies, and Buron Fitts, Lieutenant Governor. | Young, C. C. | Hall, American Legion | Armstrong, N.W. | Fitts, Buron | 1926
00000488 Tom Xavier, 1922 Tom Xavier, 1922. | Xavier, Tom | Portraits, Children | Street, Williams | Street, Ross Ave. | Homes | Roads and Streets | 1922
00000499 Reception for W. W. I. Veterans, 1919 Estudillo House, Gardens and Grape Arbor. | World War I | Veterans | Portraits, Group | Estudillo House | Grape Arbor | 1919
00000284 Marina Mudflat Marina Mudflat. | Wharves and Harbors | San Leandro Marina | Mudflats |
00000045 Pile Driving, Mulford Gard., ca 1910 Pile Driving, Mulford Gard., ca 1910. | Wharves and Harbors | Pile Driving | Mulford Landing | 1910
00000249 Oyster Beds, Mulford's Landing? Oyster Beds, Mulford's Landing? | Wharves and Harbors | Muflord's Landing | Oyster Beds | Ships and Boats |
00000441 Western Pacific Depot NW of Davis St. | Western Pacific Depot | Railroads |
00000348 Washington Market, West Joaquin and East 14th Street This view may have been made between 1891 and 1898. Gorman's Saloon was next door to the market; note the meat hanging outside the market. The next shop was that of a watchmaker and jeweler. Third from the left, standing in the street, may be Socrates Huff; the fifth is John (No-Hat) Driver. The boys on the roof seem to be having their pictures made and a good time at the same time. | Washington Market | Street, West Joaquin | Street, East 14th | Portraits, Group | Huff, Socrates | Gorman's Saloon | Restaurants and Bars | Stores and Shops | Watchmaker | Jeweler | Driver, John | 1900
00000038 Washington Market, Soebeler Watchmaker, and Beer Parlor, ca 1890 People pose in front of shops along Ward Street (now Estudillo). By about 1891-1896 when this picture was taken, Gorman's Saloon was still very much the same, but Reid's Harness Shop had become the Washington Market, whose choice cuts of meat are being aired outside. The next shop has a sign identifying the proprietor as a watchmaker and jeweller. Excluding the boys on the roof, the third man from the left may be Socrates Huff, and the fifth from the left is John (No-Hat)Driver. The owners of the shops also may be out in front. (Information from "A San Leandro Centennial Album" p. 31). | Washington Market | Soebeler Watchmaker & Jeweler | Gorman's Saloon | Stores and Shops | Bars (Drinking establishments) -- California -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | 1890