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00001463 Group on Steps Group on Steps. 1972
00002524 Some people at the San Leandro Bicentennial, 1972 Some people at the San Leandro Bicentennial, 1972. 1972
00001152 The Cherry City News, July 14, 1926 "The Paper That Reaches The People" Stories include "Unmasked bandits rob Henry Amaral", "Louis Rige injured in auto accident", "New C. of C. Secy. to be named Thur.", ""Police arrest eloping couple", "Prize airedale stolen from Mrs. Anderson", "Interesting data for autoists who will make tours", "New Hydrants to be installed", "Theif steals new Chevolet coupe", "Chas. Forsythe avoids bad auto accident". 1976
00000973 Diaz house on Glen Drive Diaz house on Glen Drive, owned by Jackie and Loren Diaz and daughter Marie. (Identified April 4, 2002 ). | Glen | Diaz | House | 2002
00000880 View of Casa Peralta Entrance View of Casa Peralta Entrance. 2003
00001024 Home of Charles E. Wilson and Mary Ann Cummins, 450 Beverly Bernard Maybeck is the architect. See San Leandro Times, August 21 2003. 2003