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00001459 Portrait of Woman with Dog Portrait of Woman with Dog. 1972
00001460 Cherry Festival Float, 'Cherrys for All Nations.' E. 14th St. On float - Lena Mathews Bright, Peter Bright. 1972
00001462 San Leandro Bridge, 1972 Wilber E. Schmidt and Brent Galloway. 1972
00001463 Group on Steps Group on Steps. 1972
00002524 Some people at the San Leandro Bicentennial, 1972 Some people at the San Leandro Bicentennial, 1972. 1972
00000328 Home of M. Camancho This picture was made about 1902 of the building still standing (as of 1971) on 254 Callan Ave. Additions were made to the house - a water tower and so on - in 1903, acording to Marc Branco. | Camancho, M. | Homes | Street, Callan Ave. | 1971
00001497 Letter Written by George Mirande, 1971 I give you the authority to paint the family laundry portrait which is photoed in the San Leandro Centennial magazine. The San Leandro Library has the right to lt Lorellie Tolvtvar paint the photo. 1971
00001632 New Officers, Alta Mira Club, Originally Ygnacio Peralta home, built in 1860, California Historical Landmark #285 Left to right: Mrs. Arthur C. Bryant, Auditor; Mrs. V. David Park, Correspondence Secretary; Mrs. Thomas J. Rogers, Directory of Hospital; Mrs. Russel D. Smart, Secretary; Mrs. John Wells, Treasurer; Mrs. Howard McCarthy First Vice President; Mrs. Jacob Maasdaam, Installation Officer; Mrs. Frank B. Toner, President; Mrs. Roy Johnson, Second Vice President; Mrs. M.F. Kiel, Rental Chairman. 1971
00001791 A. B. Cary Home, Built 1889, Razed September 1971. Later Jones home. Located on Estudillo Ave. 1971
00001835 Presentation of Casa Peralta to city of San Leandro by Mr and Mrs Jack Brooks, October 1971 Jack Brooks, Mrs. Brooks (Barbara Mathews), Margaret Rodrigues, Dr. Terry Galloway, Lee Enos. 1971