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00001836 Acceptance of Casa Peralta by City Officials, October, 1971 Mayor Jack Maltester; Mrs. John Brooks; John Brooks; William Suerstedt, councilman; Mario Polvorosa, councilman; Gregory Pomares, councilman; Al Nahm, councilman; Alvin W. Kant, Vice-mayor; Gunner Seymon, President of Chamber of commerce. 1971
00000470 Historic Landmark Monument, May, 1970 Rancho San Antonio Landmark, Poot Park, San Leandro. | Rancho San Antonio | Poot Park | Historic Landmark Monument | 1970
00000471 Historic Landmark Sign, May, 1970 California Historic Landmar - 246. Rancho San Antonio Landmark. | California Historic Landmark #246 | Rancho San Antonio | Poot Park | 1970
00000852 Little Shul, 1970 Back of Temple Beth Sholom, 642 Dolores Ave. Photographed on the day of re-dedication. Building moved from original location on Chumalia. 5649 The San Leandro Hebrew Congregation. 1970
00000853 Little Shul Re-Dedication, 1970 Re-dedication service is being conducted in the Temple Beth Sholom. Little Shul was moved to spot directly behind Temple. Coleman Herts, at podium, unknown. 1970
00000854 Little Shul Re-Dedication, 1970 Inspecting Little Shul's completed renovation on the occasion of the re-dedication. Councilman William Suerstedt. 1970
00000855 Little Shul, 1970 Little Shul being moved from Chumalia St. to Temple Beth Sholom, 642 Dolores Ave. 1970
00000856 Estudillo House Photo is on one side of business card for Prosper Godchaux, Prop. of Estudillo house. 1970
00001282 Wells Fargo Bank Building, ca 1970 Corner of East 14th and Estudillo. Formerly American Trust Building, site of soon-to-be-build Wells Fargo Bank. 1970
00001283 Two Ladies and a Gentleman Appears to be a picnic. 1970