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00000522 San Leandro Brass Band, County Courthouse, 1866. Taken on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse in San Leandro. Man in center with coronet and baggy light trousers was organizer and teacher, L.J. Bullard (graduate of Yale, first public school teacher, married Gof. Purdy's daughter). Man L front is Sheriff Morse (who apprehended Joaquin Murietta); continuing from left to right, Jerome Moore (brother of A.A. Moore, a lawyer who resigned from band to practice in Nevada); Alfred Grand, (brother of W.W. Crane, lawyer and judge in Oakland); J.M. Costigan, and early conductor on a local steam train; George B. Standeford, editor of the Alameda County Gazette; L.J. Bullard; Undersheriff Peter R. Borein, deputy County Clerk; J.W. Josselyn Deputy County Clerk for Socrates Huff in the County Treasurers Office (later killed in 1868 earthquake when a courthouse pillar fell on him); and George Chase, whose family built one of the first houses in Oakland. 1865
00000523 Cherry Festival Parade, 1914 M.J. Borge, Bert Weaver, Betty Best, Grand Marshal, Budd Eber. 1914
00000524 House, Corner of Davis and Dabner, 1899 Mr. and Mrs. Mattos Murray, Em Murray, Granddaughter. This house is now the home of Councilman Mario Polvorosa. 1899
00000525 Cutis Property, 1881 Feist Ury, Dave Ury, Sol Ury. 1881
00000526 Wells Fargo Express, 1900 Tony Bright, driver. The Express Office is directly behind the wagon. The calendar hanging inside the wagon indicates that the date was February, 1912: That is the only year in which February had 29 days and started on Thursday between 1872 and 1940. Location is 103 Estudillo Avenue, practically the same location of Wells Fargo in 1972. 1912
00000527 Hayward Baseball Team, 1890 Hayward Baseball Team, 1890. 1890
00000528 Fourth of July Parade, 1910 Fourth of July Parade, 1910. 1910
00000529 Oldtimers Picnic at San Leandro Creek, 1898 Oldtimers Picnic at San Leandro Creek, 1898. 1898
00000530 Breeds Property, 1881 San Leandro Bay Area. Hunting trip; Feist and Sol Ury. Date is probably sometime between 1910 and 1935. Aaron Ury (last one on right). 1881
00000531 Hayward Ave. Looking West, 1903-06 Now E. 14th St. between Estudillo and Callan. Note arc light in front of second set of windows from left; these were put in replacing gas lights in July 1903. By 1906 the Oddfellows Building had expanded and the increase in telephone service over previous times is indicated by the number of connections on the telephone pole. 1906