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00002135 Washington Avenue, 1910 Washington Avenue, 1910. 1919
00000446 Washington Avenue Looking South, about 1950 Washington Avenue Looking South, about 1950 - stores: Pennys, Hinks, pharmacy. | Street, Washington Ave. | Stores and Shops | Hotels and Motels | Services | Automobiles and Trucks | Plaza Hotel | Clothiers | Sears | Penney's | Shoes | 1950
00000837 Washington Ave., 1300 Block West side of Washington Ave., block immediately south of the Herrscher Building (now Penny's). Show Repair Shop (Frank R. Reis Shoe Repair in 1919); Masonic Hall, SW corner of Ward and Washington (later 88 cent store); Herrscher Building NW corner of Ward and Washington. 1919
00000562 Washington Ave. and Williams St., ca 1930 Washington Ave. and Williams St., ca 1930. 1930
00001757 Warm Springs Resort, After the 1868 earthquake, this building was moved to Mission San Jose and was later destroyed by fire. 1860
00001756 Warm Springs Resort in 1860's Clemente Columbet operated the Warm Springs property when picture was taken in 1860s. Governor Leland Stanford bought the property and added buildings in 1870. At one time, its vineyards were world famous. 1860
00000551 Wallace's Newsstand, 1915 Davis St. Reggie Wallace, "Sea Cap" Christensen, Mrs. Wallace, Mr. Wallage, Leah Erickson, Georgie West. Miss Erickson was the granddaughter of Divid Ury. 1915
00001479 Wall at Casa Peralta Wall at Casa Peralta.
00000635 Wagons ready for the Fourth of July Parade, 1892 Standing in front of the horses, L-R, are Tony Rogers, unknown, and Manuel J. Andrade. This picture was made on Davis Street in front of the Town Hall, which is on the right. Next to the hall are Iversen's Saloon and farthest, Gleason's blacksmith shop. 1892
00000437 W. W. I. Food Rationing, ca 1917 Fred Hirschman, Constable J.H. Gallett, assisted Herbert Hoober in gathering food for underfed Europeans. Records show San Leandro residents donated liberally. | Food Rationing | Portraits, Men | W.W.I. | Gallet, J.H. | 1917