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00000308 Union School Union School. | School, Union | Education, Elementary | Portraits, Group | Portraits, Children |
00000309 Class Photo of Union School Class Photo of Union School. | School, Union | Education | Portraits, Group | Portraits, Children |
00000311 Baseball Team at the Ball Park between Juana and Parrott on San Leandro Blvd. Frank Bricken is in the picture.
00000312 Inside of Schmidt's Watchmaking and Repair Shop, Showing J. B. C. Schmidt. 1268 E. 14th St. | Schmidt's Watchmaking and Repair Shop | Schmidt, J.B.C. | Services | Stores and Shops | Street, East 14th | Advertisement, Waterman Fountain Pens | Portraits, Couple |
00000313 Informal Band Party, East 14th Street Informal Band Party, East 14th Street. | Portraits, Group | Street, East 14th | Other Recreation and Sports | Performing Arts |
00000315 Postal Delivery Cart Postal Delivery Cart. | Carriages and Coaches | Postal Services | Portraits, Men |
00000317 St. Mary's School In the first row, Joe Phillips is No. 6 from the left and Manual Faria is No. 7. Gerald Hagerty is No. 9 in the second row. | St. Mary's School | Phillips, Joe | Faria, Manuel | Hagerty, Gerald | Education, Elementary | Portraits, Children | Portraits, Group |
00000320 Union School Class Union School Class. | School, Union | Education, Secondary | Portraits, Group | Portraits, Children |
00000321 Caterpillar Tractor Company Gas Storage Tank on Alvarado Street Caterpillar Tractor Company PG&E gas storage tank on Alvarado Street. The gas from the tank was used to fuel the company's blacksmith shop. [Jesse Perry]. | Caterpillar Tractor Co. | Street, Alvarado | Tank, Gas Storage | Portraits, Men | Portraits, Group |
00000325 Caterpillar Plant, located at Davis and Martinez Caterpillar Plant, engineering building on corner of Alvarado Street (left) and St. John's Street (lower right). The power transformer towards the bottom right corner supplied power for testing the equipment. The exterior floor grates show on the bottom left supplied ventilation to the basement of the building. [Jesse Perry]. | Caterpillar Tractor Co. | Caterpillar Plant | Street, Davis | Street, Marina Blvd. | Street, Martinez Blvd. |