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00000542 Ury Brothers and Friends, 1881 Taken in the San Leandro Bay Area (now Marina Faire) after a hunting trip, probably between 1910 and 1936. 1881
00000543 Larson and His Crew Shows the interior of Best Manufacturing Co. and the blacksmithing crew. 1906
00000544 7th Grade, Lincoln School, 1923 Top row: Alfred Davena, Leroy Bowen, Louis Silva, Cecil Lincoln, Everett Brewer, Fredrick Platt, Clarence Goodeill, Lester Brown. Second row: Elmo Lytell, Freida -, Dannetta Baxley, Bruna Martinelli, Constance Gonzales, Lawrence Dangerfield, Harold Retzloff, Carlo Vecchiarelli, Lawrence Nunes. Third row: Adele Ends, Laverne Vargas, Helen Pike, Grace Johannsen, Louise Mendonca, Lois Pelton, Anita Pardini, Evelyn Dutra, Virginia Arbini. Fourth row: William Wagner, Alfred Xavier, Eugene Gomes, Remo Bartolini, Robert Leard. 1900
00000545 Union School, 1894 Union School, 1894. 1894
00000546 Union School, 1894 Principal William Langdon, Teacher Lottie Gleasen. Manuel Miller, Ferdinand Budd Eber, John Marshall, Joe Gelispi, Tony Dutra, Manuel Frates, Sam Rogers, Edward Peralta, Walter Fulton, Rosco Warren, Minnie Rose, Salina Peralta, Lena Vager, Louisa Miller, Fannie Roberts, Budie Driser, Harry West, Joe Augusta, William Duarte, Henry Borman, Ed Burnett, Tony Joseph, Bill Tasto, Dick Mendonca, Tony Williams. 1894
00000547 Memorial Services for Pres. McKinley, Sept. 19, 1901 Lincoln School. 1901
00000548 Best Manufacturing Company, 1906 Davis Street. Standing far left, Clarence Leo Best. Second row from back: 8th from right, Mr. Harding; 12th from right, Bill Burnett; 13th from right, Arthur Larsen, Sr. (Bat's father); Third row from back, 5th from right, Otto Best; far left, Zacharia Best; 4th row from back, 5th from right, Dick Richards. 1906
00000549 San Leandro Fire Dept., 1934 Top: M. Agrella, J. Amaral, F. Cannizzaro sitting on truck; Ed Frates, Archie Souza. Bottom: B.X. Whitaker, Tom Stevenson, Second Chief M. Matoza, R. Carrillo, F. Matoza, First Chief Hugo Fanucchi, Louis Dutra, Ed Harsch, L.R. Martin. 1934
00000550 San Leandro Delivery Wagon, 1907 Corner of Oakes and E. 14th St. Manuel Andrade, Post Master; Frank Gonsalves, driver; Joseph Oakes, standing. Oakes was also a driver. This corner was the later location of San Leandro Hardware. 1907
00000551 Wallace's Newsstand, 1915 Davis St. Reggie Wallace, "Sea Cap" Christensen, Mrs. Wallace, Mr. Wallage, Leah Erickson, Georgie West. Miss Erickson was the granddaughter of Divid Ury. 1915