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00000075 Union School, 1894 W.H. Langdon, Principal; Miss Thurston, Teacher; Stella Nelson. | Union School | Education | Langdon, W.H. | Portraits, Groups | Miss Thurston | Nelson, Stella | 1894
00000629 Union School Class, 1900 CA W.H. Langdon, Principal. 1900
00000558 Old Presbyterian Church, 1928 W. Joaquin and Clarke. Rev. Drew. This was the third church to be built in San Leandro, dating from 1867. The north wing is still standing at the original site (Hepburn facing Clarke) although the main building was moved to Ashland sometime after 1928. 1928
00001817 W. J. Gannon, City Clerk W. J. Gannon, City Clerk. 1914
00000225 W. Estudillo and Washington Ave., 1968 W. Estudillo and Washington Ave., 1968. | Street, W. Estudillo | Street, Washington Ave. | Plaza Hotel | Hotels and Motels | El Dorado | Restaurants and Bars | Automobiles and Trucks | 1968
00000227 W. Estudillo and Washington Ave. W. Estudillo and Washington Ave. | Street, W. Estudillo | Street, Washington Ave. | Stores and Shops | El Dorado | Restaurants and Bars | Plaza Hotel | Hotels and Motels | Plaza Drugs | Plaza Pharmacy Co. | Automobiles and Trucks | Building, Daniel Best |
00000513 Union Hose Company with horse drawn pumper, ca 1906 Volunteer members of the Union Hose Company (1st fire company in San Leandro) Assembled in front of the City Hall at 250 Davis Street are, from left to right, Charlie Heiser, owner of San Leandro Reporter, Dan McCarthy, Joe Cruz, unknown, J.N. Frank, unknown, Carl Iverson, 3 more unknown, Manuel Valence, Jim Cahill, Lou Whitcomb, unknown, Charlie Blankenship, three more unknown standing in back, Henry Borman, John Gill, also to the back, Bert Rogers, August Von Glahn, two unknown, including the driver; George Boman, Ed Whitcomb, Manuel Freitas, Harry Eber, John Bigelow, John Voght (the fire department's first chief from September 5, 1899 to his retirement on May 2, 1910. Behind the men is their newly acquired horse, one-cylinder waterous gasoline pumper and hose cart. | Fire Protection | Carriages and Coaches | City Hall | City Government | Street, Davis | Heiser, Charlie | McCarthy, Dan | Cruz, Joe | Frank, J.N. | Iverson, Carl | Valence, Manuel | Cahill, Jim | Whitcomb, Lou | Blankenship, Charlie | Borman, Henry | Gill, John | Rogers, Bert | Von Glahn, August | Boman, George | Whitcomb, Ed | Freitas, Manuel | Eber, Harry | Bigelow, John | Voght, John | Portraits, Men | Portraits, Group | 1898
00001105 Viola Best Viola feeding her pet goose "Goosey, Goosey Gander"
00001104 Viola Best Viola Best.
00001106 Viola Webster, late 1920's Viola Best Webster, late 1920's. 1927