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00000552 Polvorosa Boys, 1923 141 Dabner St. Frank Polvorosa, Julian Polvorosa, Sr., Tony Polvorosa. 1923
00000553 Employees of C. L. Best Foundry, 1920 Eddie Miller, "Derby", Bill Mathews. 1920
00000554 Daniel Best Steam Tractor Engines, 1895 On top, Mrs. Budd Eber, Joseph Garner. This tractor was being used at Fulda, Placer Co., California, for a lumber hauling job. Picture was made before Anna Lundgren became Mrs. Budd Eber. The man on the ground was the fireman, identity unknown. 1895
00000555 Ladies Drill Team, 1909 Cherry Festival. 1909
00000556 Charles Rantzau's Cherry Orchard, 1900 Davis St. across from Thrasher Park. Charles Rantzau, Jack Thomas, Mr. King. 1900
00000557 Lake Chabot Lake Chabot. 1932
00000558 Old Presbyterian Church, 1928 W. Joaquin and Clarke. Rev. Drew. This was the third church to be built in San Leandro, dating from 1867. The north wing is still standing at the original site (Hepburn facing Clarke) although the main building was moved to Ashland sometime after 1928. 1928
00000559 Cherry Festival, 1909 E. 14th and Washington. Crowning of queen. This was probably the second Cherry Festival, June 10-12, 1910. Bessie Best, the first queen, was crowning Mabel Furtado, who had been chosen in a very exciting contest. 1910
00000560 Frank Miller's Barber Shop, 1910 Corner of E. 14th and Callan. 1910
00000561 Sheriff Geisenhofer, 1900 Sheriff Geisenhofer, 1900. 1900