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00000011 San Leandro Plow Works 1883 or 1884 San Leandro Plow Works with men in front. San Leandro Plow Company on Davis Street at Martinez Street. (Left to right): Joe Focha, (unknown), Bob Wrenn, Al During, Joe August (?), George Allen (?), George Davis, George Dica (with white beard), Joe Olimpia, George Herim, Charley Crompton, Jim Quinn, Bill Murray, Sam Dasha (behind Murray), Manuel Foster, Tony August (?) and Jim Dunn (displaying their fisticuffs), Joe Halford (?), Henry Brown, Tom Morgan (?), Joe Freitas (?), Charley Rowland, Nole Holland, Charley Halford, Pete Hanson, (unknown) and Dr. Rasson. | San Leandro Plow Works | Davis Street -- California -- San Leandro | Martinez Street -- California -- San Leandro | Industry -- California -- San Leandro | Agricultural machinery & implements | BuildingMen | 1882
00000012 Farm Hands at Mulford Farm, ca .1930 Twelve men posed in front of farm buildings. Farm hands from the Mendonca Ranch in the Mulford Gardens. (Left to right): August Sebastin, George B. Mendonca, John Gonsalves, (unknown), John Quelho, (unknown), (unknown), Joe Santos, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), (unknown) and Manual Gularte. 8x10 bw print; copy neg. | Farms -- California -- San Leandro | Mendonca Farm -- California -- San Leandro | 1920
00000013 Hauling Hay at Mulford Farm, ca 1920 Three trucks loaded with hay bales on an unidentified road; Walnut trees in background. 8x10 bw print; copy neg. | Trucks | Farms -- California -- San Leandro | Hay | Mendonca, Joseph Bernardo | 1920
00000014 Mulford Farm Harvest, 1937 Threshing wheat on the Mulford Farm. Model T and Case Threshing Machine being used to thresh wheat at the Mendonca Ranch. (Left to Right): Manuel Rodrigues, George B. Mendonca, George Mendonca Jr., Menuel Gularte, Ralph Santos, Arthur Mendonca. | Farms -- California -- San Leandro | Ford Model T truck | Case threshing machine | Mendonca Farm | Rodrigues, Manuel | Mendonca, George B. | Mendonca Jr., George | Gularte, Manuel | Santos, Ralph | Mendonca, Arthur | Wheat | Wheat -- Threshing | 1937
00000015 Old St. Leander's Catholic Church A dedication or celebration outside Old St. Leander's Catholic Church. A crowd of people outside old St. Leander's. There is a tower of scaffolding with vases of flowers at its base. | St. Leander's Church | Catholic Church -- California -- San Leandro |
00000016 Mulford Farm, 1937 A man in a three-wheeled tractor plows a field. George B. Mendonca plowing field with gasoline 3-wheeled tractor (Bull tractor). | Farms -- California -- San Leandro | Mendonca, George B. | Bull Tractor | Plowing | Shore Acres Dairy Ranch (Mulford Farm) | 1937
00000017 Henry F. Eber and George Borman shooting "craps" at Lake Chabot Several men kneel or stand under a tree. Among the people: Harry F. Eber (facing camera), George Borman (looking up), Fire Chief. | Lake, Chabot | Borman, George | Eber, Henry F. |
00000018 Thierry's Residence, 1900 The Thierry family pose outside their home on Washington Ave. August Joseph Thierry & wife Celine (Lachat) came from France, Tilo (32 mi south of Paris), Worked in nursery in SF, bone yard San Bruno, then opened a bar in San Leandro at 1323 Washington Ave., next to old 88-cent store and old Masonic Hall (1900 $22/mo lease Masonic Hall); children Camille b. 1886, Alphonse b. 1890, August B. 1889. | Dwellings -- California -- San Leandro | Family Portraits | Thierry, August Joseph | Thierry, Celine Lachat | Thierry, Camille | Thierry, Alphonse | Thierry, August | 1900
00000019 Barbecue at Sen. Landis Nine men pose around a table in a backyard. | Dwelling, Sen. Landis | Group portraits |
00000020 Mulford Farm, Water Wagon, ca 1890 Three women and two men pose on a water wagon at the Mulford farm. This 1890 photograph shows the Mendonca Ranch water wagon. Its operation was one of the most successful in the area. (Left to right): L.B. Mendonca, Ira Mondonca, (unknown), a cousin, Arthur Mendonca, Mae Lewis, Joe Lewis. | Carts & wagons | Shores Acres Dairy Ranch (Mulford Farm) | Mendonca, J. B. | Mendonca, Ira | Mendonca, Arthur | Lewis, Mae | Lewis, Joe | Portuguese in San Leandro | 1890