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00000365 San Leandro Plaza during construction, circa 1968 San Leandro Plaza being torn up during construction, circa 1968. 1968
00000366 Program, San Leandro Cherry Festival, 1909 Program, San Leandro Cherry Festival, 1909. 1909
00000399 Streetcar Tracks on E. 14th St., 1891 Putting in tracks on E. 14th St. looking toward Estudillo House. Galloway places the date of this view as 1914 to 1918. The American Trust building may be seen on the far right. 1891
00000434 Gem Saloon, Farmer's Exchange Gem Saloon, Farmer's Exchange.
00000464 San Leandro Hotel, C. Christensen, in 1890 Chris Christensen and Harvey Christensen are in the carriage, Tony Donkim is holding the horse. Joseph Manuel is also in the picture; The location was on East 14th Street north of Wells Fargo. 1890
00000517 C. L. Best Foundry, 1910-'20's Davis St. San Leandro. 1898
00000518 Estudillo Avenue, 1924 Facing East. 1924
00000519 Band Box Parlors, 1897 Davis St., one block from E. 14th. L to R: unknown, Tom Cunha, Frank Barradas, barber and dentist; Nepolian, the painter; Frank Victor, Henry Ellis. The shop belonged to Frank Barradas, Sr. 1897
00000520 Fred Schmidt Coal and Feed, 1914 Building in background is now the French Laundry. Picture was taken on Ward Avenue (now W. Estudillo). Teamster, Ed. Frates. 1914
00000521 Memorial Services for President McKinley, 1901 Lincoln School (known as Union School at this time). President McKinley had been shot on September 6. This service took place on September 19 and was well attended by the many San Leandrans who had held the president in high esteem. 1901