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00000031 Haywards Hotel, ca 1916 Haywards Hotel, 1916. | Haywards Hotel | Hotels -- California -- Hayward | 1916
00000032 E. 14th St. at 141st Ave., 1943-45 View of E. 14th St. at 141st Ave. | East 14th Street (San Leandro, California) | 141st Avenue (San Leandro, California) | 1942
00000033 Eber Meat Market, ca 1875 Men, women, and children pose in front of a meat market. 1240 E. 14th St. where Gibson's Pharmacy was later. Note beef carcasses hanging at street curb. | Eber's Meat Market | East 14th Street | Stores and shops -- California -- San Leandro | MenWomenChildrenHorseBeef carcasses | 1875
00000034 Alameda Hospital, ca 1890 View of Alameda Hospital. Alameda Hospital, later site of Fairmont Hospital. | Alameda Hospital | Hospitals -- California -- San Leandro | 1890
00000035 Mulford Farm Harvest, ca 1900 A view of wheat harvesting on the Mulford Farm. | Shore Acres Farm & Dairy (Mulford Farm) | Threshing machine | Wheat | Farm equipment | Harvesting -- California -- San Leandro 1900-1910 | Farm equipment, including a threshing machineHorsesMen | 1900
00000036 Old Corner, Gorman's Liquors, Gorman's Harness-Making, Reid's Carriage Trimming, 1875 Men and children pose in front of stores along Ward Avenue. Ward Avenue (later Estudillo Avenue)between Haywards Road (later East 14th Street) and Watkins (later Washington Avenue). On the southwest corner of Ward and Haywards was The Old Corner, Liquors Wholesale and Retail, established sometime in the 1860s by John Gorman. Next door to Gorman's Saloon was William W. Reid's Harness-Making and Carriage Trimming Shop. David Ury is the man in the apron. Nearby are his small sons. Henry John Raveks is driving "Jimmie" Murphy's vegetable wagon. (Information from "A San Leandro Centennial Album", p. 30). | Stores and shops -- California -- San Leandro 1870-1880 | Old Corner, Liquors Wholesale and Retail | Reid's Harness-Making and Carriage Trimming | Bars (Drinking establishments) -- California -- San Leandro 1870-1880 | Ward Avenue (Estudillo Avenue) | Gorman, John | Reid, William W. | Ury, David | Raveks, Henry John | 1875
00000037 Intercoastal Paint The San Leandro Fire Department battles a fire at Intercoastal Paint. | Intercoastal Paint Co. | San Leandro Fire Department | Fires -- California -- San Leandro | 1962
00000038 Washington Market, Soebeler Watchmaker, and Beer Parlor, ca 1890 People pose in front of shops along Ward Street (now Estudillo). By about 1891-1896 when this picture was taken, Gorman's Saloon was still very much the same, but Reid's Harness Shop had become the Washington Market, whose choice cuts of meat are being aired outside. The next shop has a sign identifying the proprietor as a watchmaker and jeweller. Excluding the boys on the roof, the third man from the left may be Socrates Huff, and the fifth from the left is John (No-Hat)Driver. The owners of the shops also may be out in front. (Information from "A San Leandro Centennial Album" p. 31). | Washington Market | Soebeler Watchmaker & Jeweler | Gorman's Saloon | Stores and Shops | Bars (Drinking establishments) -- California -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | 1890
00000039 Mulford Residence, ca 1890 A view of the Mulford farm house. The view of the Mulford farm house also shows surrounding fields, four people sitting in a horse-drawn carriage, and a man and woman standing in front of the house. | Dwellings -- Califiornia -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | Farms -- California -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | Shore Acres Dairy & Farm (Mulford Farm) | MenWomen CarriageHorsesWater pump and troughHayBarn | 1890
00000040 Union School, 1890 Children and teachers pose in front of Union School. | Union School -- California -- San Leandro | Schools -- California -- San Leandro 1800-1900 | Children -- California -- San Leandro 1890-1900 | 1890